The Portsmouth Lodge No 487

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Date of Warrant - 27th February 1843

Date of Constitution - 12th April 1843

Date of Centenary Warrant - 13th April 1943

Welcome to the website for The Portsmouth Lodge Number 487.

The Lodge currently meets at: The Masonic Hall,  Queens Road,  Fareham.

Brethren who wish to visit the Lodge or would like more information about the Lodge can get in touch via the 'Contact Us' button.

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United Grand Lodge of England

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and Isle of Wight

A Brief History of The Lodge



The Portsmouth Lodge was duly constituted as Lodge No. 717 on the 12th April 1843.

The number was changed by Grand Lodge to No. 487 in 1863.

First unauthorised rituals printed circa 1870.

First authorised emulation ritual published by Emulation Lodge of Improvement in 1969.

In considering some of the unique methods and procedures practised in 487 Lodge, it must never be forgotten that this Lodge was probably using these same procedures long before printed books of ritual came into existence.
Simply because modern printed rituals suggest methods different from our own, is no reason for abandoning time-honoured standards and practices which were established by our own founding Brethren not long after the settling of the ritual by the Lodge of Reconciliation and its approval by Grand Lodge in 1816.

It should be borne in mind that although for about a century The Portsmouth Lodge procedures have been linked by printed rituals to those of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, our sponsor Lodges, i.e. The Phoenix Lodge No. 257, The Lodge of Harmony No. 309 and The Royal Sussex Lodge No. 342, were founded in 1786, 1796 and 1814 respectively, well before the Emulation Lodge of Improvement came into existence in 1823.

It is therefore fairly certain that these procedures derived from our sponsor Lodges, pre-date the more modern revisions of the Emulation School.